Terms & Conditions

The following are the Terms & Conditions regulating the usage, purchase and any other aspect related the the normal usage of prp-plasmolifting.com, between our company, which will be further referred to as “seller”, “us”, “we” or our wholly owned brand name Plasma Fresh, on one side and the customer, who will be referred to as “customer”, “client”, “buyer” or simply “you”.

Please, make sure you read and understand these Terms & Conditions before continuing to use our website or making a purchase. By making a purchase you a completley agreeing to these terms and any additional terms and policies in the Shipping & Delivery and Return Policy pages, which are to be considered an inseparable appendage to these Terms & Conditions.


The customers can make orders at prp-plasmolifting.com every day of the week at any time of the day, without exceptions, excluding planned or unplanned website downtime, as well as other technical problems. Normally, an order will be processed in 24 to 48 hours in regard to a work week, but excluding weekends or any other official non-workdays in Bulgaria. We retain the right to extend that processing time if required by circumstances.

When you place your order you will receive an automated email from our system, which will confirm the successful submitting of your order into our system. This email will include the most important information regarding your order, including the product(s) you ordered, the amount, the shipping expenses, possible applicable taxes, the final value, your chosen payment method and the delivery options you’ve chosen, as well as the shipping and billing addresses.

It is important to note, this automated email is not an order confirmation. Such will be made additionally by our representatives. This automated email serves only informative purposes for the convenience of the customers. We might contact you requiring further information during the processing phase of your order. We may contact you to inform you about important information regarding your order, including, but not limited to, item availability, shipping time, shipping rates and others.

The agreement is considered to be made once the package has been sent out to the customer and they have been provided with a valid tracking number. The agreement will be considered fulfilled once the customer has successfully received their purchased item.

Shipping & Delivery of Items

The terms of shipping and delivery of items which have been purchased on this website are laid out in the Shipping & Delivery page. Please refer to it for complete information. The Shipping & Delivery page is considered an appendage to these Terms & Conditions and therefore an inseparable part of them. But accepting the Terms & Conditions you are also accepting the Shipping & Delivery page terms.

Return Policy

The terms of our return policy for items which have been purchased on this website are laid out in the Return Policy page. Please refer to it for complete information. The Return Policy page is considered an appendage to these Terms & Conditions and therefore an inseparable part of them. But accepting the Terms & Conditions you are also accepting the Privacy Policy page terms.

Item Stock and Availability

It is possible that items marked as “In stock” on our website are not available to be immediately sent out or need to be ordered from an external supplier. Any resulting delays will be kept within reasonable time frame. The normal delivery delay for an item that needs to be backordered is anywhere from three to five days (work). It is our responsibility to inform the customers about any such delay and calculate it when providing them with the delivery time estimate. No item which is currently not available at our warehouse but available for order from one of our supplies, will be backordered before being paid in full, along with the shipping fees for delivery to the customer.

We retain the right to cancel orders of items which are not possible for backorder at the current point in time and are not in stock in our warehouse. It is our responsibility to notify the customers of such circumstances and issue a full refund if the item has already been paid.

Customer Information

You are responsible with providing us with all the necessary information for us to fulfill your order accurately and within an acceptable time frame. Information we need may include, but is not limited to, your name, your address, your email, your phone number and if ordering on behalf of a business – company name, company details and VAT number, if applicable.

Taxes, Fees, Import Duties

Customers from the EU should note that prices listed on our website do not include VAT. Please refer to the Prices and Taxes section of these Terms & Conditions.

Any taxes, fees or import duties which are due upon receiving an item you purchase from us are your responsibility. It is possible your package is held by the local customs until you clear any pending import duties and fees related to its import.

We will bear no responsibility about additional fees, taxes, import duties or other expenses that the customer has to take care in relation to purchasing items from us. You are also responsible with knowing your local and applicable law, and thus taking care of any necessary paperwork.

If a package sent to you has been stopped by local authorities and subsequently returned to us, you must take care of any extra expenses for the return, as well as subsequent new delivery of the items.

EU customers will no pay any import duties or related fees.

Order Cancellation

The customer has the right to cancel their order at any moment that precedes the item(s) actually being sent.

Prices and Taxes

Prices listed on our website are in Euro and do not include any taxes, including VAT. If you’re a client from outside the European Union you will not be subject to paying VAT. You may, however, be required to pay additional local taxes and import duties to receive your package and have it freed from customs. Please be sure to acquaint yourself with local regulations and laws before making an order. Refer to Taxes, Fees, Import Duties for more information

Clients located in the EU will not pay other fees or extra taxes, but may be subject to paying VAT. If you can provide a valid VAT number you will be exempt from paying VAT and having it added to your final value. Our system will automatically check the VAT number you provide for validity. If you do not provide a valid VAT number or do not have one you will have to pay VAT based on your local VAT rates. If you are not VAT registered individual, organization or business or are unsure if VAT is applicable to you – please contact us prior to making a purchase or our system will automatically apply VAT to your order’s final value.

Accepted Payment Methods

Our website accept two forms of payment – bank transfer and checking out with a credit or debit card. Payments made to us must be cleared prior to us shipping out the items purchased. If there are any conversion or processing fees, they are the responsibility of the client.

Card payments are processed by a secure card processing service and the customer information is fully protected. Card information is inaccessible even to us. The card processing service we use includes anti-fraud protection, so if any suspicion is raised and the system is activated, we may require customers to provide us with additional information. Please note these will only be precaution measures aimed at protecting your own information and money’s safety.


Refund methods are determined by the method used for the initial payment, by the customer. We will not refund shipping expenses for items that have already been sent. Non-shipped items will be refunded in full. A refund may take up to a month to appear in the bank or card statement of your bank or credit/debit card institution.

Website Content

The content on this website which is not an intellectual property of third parties is fully owned by us.

Our goal is to maintain as accurate information, but errors and misrepresentations are possible. We retain the right to make changes without notice to prices, item descriptions, images, media, website design or any other form of content to the website. In situation where these changes directly affect a customer and the order they’ve made, they will be immediately notified.

Limited Liability

Our company or its employees will not be held accountable or liable to paying for indirect damages or losses suffered by the buyer or third parties, including, but not limited to customers and business partners of the buyer. Such damages may include, but are not limited to, loss of business opportunities, loss of profit, loss of goodwill, loss of client interest and other, which can legally be defined as “damages”. We will not be held accountable for any indirect form of damages suffered by the customer.

Our company and employees liability will only be limited to the amount the customer has paid for their order. We will not be liable to paying out damages exceeding the amount of the final value of the clients’ order, regardless the type of liability – strict, product or negligence liability.

Filing a Complaint

You can contact us to make a complaint at contact@prp-plasmolifting.com.

Applicable Law

These Terms & Conditions, as well as the relation between our company and the customers are subject to regulation by Romania and European Union laws, except for rules of choice of law and CISG.


Our company has the right to make changes to all aspects or the services and items offered on our website, as well as any form of content. We retain the right to make changes to any type of information visible or invisible to the customers on the website.

We have the right to cancel any order, regardless of item availability or payment status. Should an order, which is already paid be canceled, the customer will receive a full refund, except for items which have already been shipped once, where the shipping expenses will be retained. Please refer to Return Policy for more details.

We will not be held responsible for the non-delivery of items, which may either be caused by unforeseen events, unavailability of the ordered item or other causes for delay or preventing item delivery.

Intellectual Property

There are two types of content on this website – intellectual property of our company and the intellectual property of third parties. We have utilized media, images, videos, text and other forms of content subject to intellectual property of third parties, which we have deemed were acceptable for re-usage and possible modification. We do our best to protect the intellectual property of third parties and to adhere to the norms of local, EU and international intellectual property law. If you believe your intellectual property has been misused or improperly attributed on our website – please contact us as contact@prp-plasmolifting.com. Any original and unique content that is our intellectual property is not to be copied, redistributed or modified without the explicit consent of our company.