Shipping & Delivery

This page represents the Shipping & Delivery terms of your website. It is to be considered an appendage and inseparable part of our general Terms & Conditions and the acceptance of said Terms & Conditions includes the acceptance of these Shipping & Delivery terms. You can find more relevant information at our Terms & Conditions and Return Policy pages.

Methods of Shipping

Shipping of items purchased from our website is done using four offered methods of delivery – Standard Mail, Priority Mail, Standard Courier and Express Courier. The costs and speed of delivery are dependent on the chosen shipping method and the location of the customer.

Shipping & Delivery Time Frame and Delays

Purchased items which are available in stock at our warehouse will normally be shipped out within 48 hours after the payment from the customer is received, not counting weekends and local official holidays. TO learn about the delay for items that need to be backordered, as well as general item availability – please read the Terms & Conditions.

Courier Delivery

Standard delivery time via courier is 2-3 workdays for countries within the EU. Delivery to European countries not part of the EU is usually 3-4 workdays. Delviery via courier to the rest of the world is normally 3-7 workdays. In all cases, these are only estimates and delays are possible.

Postal Delivery

Delivery via postal services to EU countries is normally between 4 and 7 days. Postal delivery for the rest of the world can range from 10 to 15 workdays, with certain destinations of up to 20 workdays (or more). Considered these values only an estimate – delays are possible.

You will view shipping rates and the delivery times on our website. The price for shipping is calculated based on the number and weight of items.

You are responsible with providing accurate and full delivery information. We will not be responsible for any delays or additional charges resulting from the customer providing incomplete or erroneous shipping information.