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Personal data – what is collected and why


Email and contact form communication data

The unobstructed communication between our customers and us only possible of we are provided of a certain minimum of personal details like your name, email address and possibly phone number. Depending on your needs we might ask you to provide extra details about yourself of business, your location etc., but only in regard to heling you with your purchase. Information submitted through our contact form or to our email is viewed and handled only by our employees. Rest assured this personal data is kept safe and is never provided or sold to third parties.


Cookies are tiny data packages stored locally on the users computer, which allows websites, when communicating with the user’s browser recognize them and whether they have taken certain actions like logging into the website, adding a product into the basket etc. You can read more about what cookies are here:

Cookie usage is necessary for out website as utilizing cookies is vital for the proper operation of an online store. Any data collected and stored in cookies will be related solely to your site usage, item purchase, account login status and other order and user account related actions. These cookies are locally stored in your browser and we guarantee they are completely benign. Data contained in cookies is never sold or transferred to third parties.

A typical cookie is the so called “session cookies”. These are “short lived” cookies which are typically deleted upon closing your browser or after a predetermined short period of time. They only serve the normal usage of the website, like the system remembering when you’ve added product to your basket or you’ve made changes to the content of your basket.

Additionally, if you select the option of our system to keep you logged in, a cookie will be stored in your browser and be preserved for up to two weeks, even if you close your browser. The next time you visit the website, the system will detect the cookie and you will be automatically logged in. If you select the log out option, the cookie will be deleted prematurely.

Embedded content

Pages on our website may include various types of embedded content. Such may include videos, images, media or iframes. The visible content will appear in an identical way to the user as if they visited the original site the content is embedded from, directly.

We have no direct control over data collected from such websites or cookies they use, although we guarantee we only embed information and media from trusted sources with a proven safety track record. However, note we have no control over your data collected by such third parties or its usage.

Third party cookies

One of the payment options on our website is the credit and debit card checkout service. Such types of payment processing need to use cookies in order to operate and process payments properly. Our checkout provider is the only one with authorized access to the information about your payment, besides us, and certain aspects of the payment, like your card data are not available even to us.

The checkout process uses a session cookie, which expires as soon as you close your browser. We guarantee the information collected from the checkout service is only limited to the necessary data for the processing of the payment, that it’s safely stored and never provided or sold to other third parties.

Google Analytics

Like almost all online stores and commercial websites we use Google Analytics. This is a service provided by Google, which allows us to track and analyze visitor and customer behavior on our website. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to website traffic, entry pages, exit pages, visited pages, duration of the visit and so on.

The data collected with Google Analytics is only of site usage, but never personal. Your IP address will be anonymized (the last several digits), which will prevent us and Google to detect your exact location. No data beyond site usage will be collected. No data collected with Google Analytics will be available or provided to third parties outside of Google.

The only usage of such data is service improvement, bettering the customer experience and making deeper and more accurate marketing analysis. We also have the Remarketing and Advertising Reporting features of Google Analytics to better understand and improve our marketing campaigns and offering to customers. This means that the information collected during your browsing and shopping at our website can be used by Google to show you more personalized ads. This data is however anonymous, non-personal and will not be connectable to your person. To disable the tracking – please delete the cookies of your browser or stop Google Analytics tracking using the official Google plugin.

Data sharing

Generally, no personal data on our website is shared to third parties. The only exception is the data necessary for the processing of your card payment, which you submit at the checkout, visible to our card checkout provider service.

Additionally, your site usage data will be visible to Google, as we use they Analytics service.

Neither services will provide or share data with third parties. All other information and data of your submitted to us is kept 100% safe, by us, never shared or sold.

How long is the data kept?

Data submitted on our website, like client orders and customer details is automatically deleted after 5 years of account inactivity (or after the order, if the customer ordered as a “guest”). This does not include information regarding pending disputes and open case or other unresolved issues regarding an order.

Your rights and control over the data

GDPR and other EU laws enable people to have almost full control over their submitted personal information online. You have the so-called “right to be forgotten”, meaning you can request us to completely delete any personal information we store for you. You can contact us at any moment and request you to email you the full personal information stored on our website about you (personal information from your user profile or order). You can also request us to delete any such information. This does not include information which we may be required by law to retain.

Receiving your personal data

Once you have made a request for us to provide you with the personal data of yours we store, we will send it to the email you provide us with.

Contacting us


More about data handling

Data protection

Access to your personal information submitted in your user account, order or during your correspondence to us is provided only to employees of You are required to have a password protected account and we strongly advice you regularly change your password. It is your responsibility to have a strong enough password.

The website is hosted on a secure server, with protection against the common online attacks such as brute forcing or other malicious actions.

Please be sure your account is linked to a secure email address. We are not responsible if you lose control over your account as a result of losing control over your email you used to register with.

Procedures in case of a data breach

Should the unlikely case of user data being breached happen, we will be responsible of notifying all affected users immediately. You will be provided with the necessary information of what the exact problem is, how you are affected and what you can do to help us resolve the problem, as well as what steps us and our hosting service have taken in order to solve the situation.

Automatic data handling

User accounts that have been inactive for more than 5 years are automatically deleted by our system, unless they are involved in unresolved cases or other standing problems.

Data of your site browsing will be automatically collected with Google Analytics unless you explicitly mark you do not want it to be collected. Such data may be automatically included in marketing analysis, site usage analysis, etc. No personal data will be collected with Google Analytics.

Data regulator institution

If there are unresolved issues regarding your data with us or you believe we have improperly handled your complaint about data handling you can turn to our local EU data regulator: