Return Policy

The following are the terms for our Return Policy. The Return Policy page and the terms it contains are to be considered an appendage to the general Terms & Conditions, and thus – an inseparable part of them. By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions you are also agreeing to the terms of the terun policy. Please to refer to both the Terms & Conditions and the Shipping & Delivery pages to relevant information to this page.

Right to Return

As a customer you have the right to return the items you have purchased, as per this Return Policy and the general Terms & Conditions of our website. Prior to returning an item or items you’re required to contact our team and notify us of your intent of returning them and the reason you intend of doing so.

You can return an item under the following circumstances:

  • You received items which are malfunctioning, broken, defective or deformed or subject to other form of damage which made them improper for their intended usage and notably different than their advertised properties;
  • The item you received is not the item you ordered;
  • The items was sent is a good condition but sustained damage during transportation;

Damaged Items and Return of Products

It is the responsibility of the seller for the items to be properly package and transported to the customer without any significant damage or changes in their properties, defects or sustained damage. If you notice any sort of problem with the condition of your purchase, please contact is within 8 days after receiving the package. Contact us by emailing us at We will not be responsible for any defects or other forms of damage to your items which you discover beyond that period.

You’re required to provide all the necessary and accurate information about your order and the problem you have discovered within the purchased items. We may get in touch with you several times, during the process of processing your request, to inquire about further information from you. Note, that the only way to ensure a satisfactory resolution is to give us your full cooperation, which is especially important in cases where mishandling of the package by the courier company / the posts is involved.

We will accept the return of items which were subject to damage from adverse events. Such are defined by our Terms & Conditions and this Return Policy as:

  • Problems in functionality, quality/condition deterioration or other form of physical degradation, which prevent the item to be used as intended or its optimal usage. Such definition can be extended to mislabeling or instruction manual errors or change of properties and similar defects which can present a risk for the buyer or anybody else;
  • In situations when the product in question is being mass recalled by the principle distributor or the manufacturer, especially in cases that are related to health and medical concerns;

You are to ship back the items you wish to return within 8 days after giving us notice of the problem you have found. When we receive the return items we will subjected to a thorough review, after which, if we deem it appropriate for refund, we will issue such as described in our Terms & Conditions.

You will ease our task if you include as copy of your invoice in the return package and a brief description of the problem(s).

Each returned item will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine is the problem is a result of manufacturing defect, oversight on our end, damage sustained during transportation or the result of mishandling by the customer. Items which are damaged by mishandling by the customer will not be refunded.