PRP Therapy in Gynecology, Reproductology & Urology

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There are not many treatments that can be used across different medical fields and those that are affordable, accessible, safe and reliable are even fewer. Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is one of these rare innovative solutions in modern medicine that can relieve pain, reverse inflammations, fight infections, rejuvenate and regrow tissues, cells, and bones and boost the healing processes in the human body. PRP therapy has already found application in cosmetology, orthopedics, neurology, etc. Now, with the help of the top-tier Plasma Fresh PRP Kit, this revolutionary treatment can be used in gynecology, reproductology, and urology.

An emerging treatment with an increasing popularity

PRP means Platelet-Rich Plasma and it is a therapy that was first used almost three decades ago and over the past few years, physicians have started to apply it for the treatment of a truly vast selection of urological, reproductive and gynecological conditions. The reasons for that are numerous and the most important of them is that PRP therapy revolves around platelets – a key component found in human blood. Therefore, this method does not involve medications, invasive surgical procedures or highly expensive medical equipment. Platelet-Rich Plasma is simply drawn from the patient’s blood (out of a sample typically not greater than 60 mL) and applied to the areas that require a treatment. The healing properties of the platelets are then gradually activated, reducing or eliminating any pain that the patient may be feeling, stimulating tissue growth, fighting infection triggers and, put simply, helping the treated region of the body to again function in a normal manner and at a full capacity.

Other impressive advantages of PRP treatment when used in reproductology, gynecology and urology can be summed up in the following way:

  • An inexpensive treatment that can be used on almost any patient
  • Side effects, complications, and risk are rarely observed
  • Does not involve pain, surgical procedures or long downtime
  • Offers durable results
  • Takes minutes to perform
  • Speeds up the recovery process
  • Provides pain relief
  • Can be incorporated into other more conservative treatments

Plasma Fresh’s role in the PRP injection technique

Plasma with a high concentration of platelets can be extracted and isolated with a standard set of a tube and a needle but with a Class II medical product such as the trusted Plasma Fresh PRP kit, the solution will be less likely to be contaminated. This is because there is a top-notch medical glass tube in the kit that is sturdy and pyrogen-free. The risk of platelet aggregation is also eliminated since this product features Sodium Citrate. Physicians also appreciate the accessible price of this product. But despite the kit’s low price tag, it never fails to offer excellent quality and to take the effects of platelet-rich plasma injections in urology, gynecology and reproductology up a notch.

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PRP in gynecology and reproductology

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy has slowly started to replace antibiotics as a main form of treatment in these two fields. The reason for this is that antibiotics can only block infection triggers while PRP can also eliminate the consequences that were brought upon a patient by an infection. Because of that, PRP can be used for the treatment of chronic gynecological and reproductive diseases. Also, the results of the therapy kick in quicker and last longer. Platelets can have a positive effect on patients suffering from the following conditions:

  • Lichen Sclerosus
  • Vulvodynia
  • Vaginismus
  • Chronic endometritis
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Lichen Planus
  • Vestibulitis
  • Leukoplakia of the cervix
  • Kraurosis vulvae
  • Gynecologic inflammations
  • Chronic endocervicitis and exocervicitis
  • Cervical erosion

The duration of the procedure is not long and although the platelet-rich plasma usually needs to be injected around the treated areas, the treatment is virtually painless when performed with Plasma Fresh. Other traditional treatments with which PRP therapy can be used are cryotherapy, argon plasma coagulation, medications, radio surgery, photodynamic therapy, laser treatment, diatermocoagulation and more.

Urological uses for PRP

Most urological conditions are associated with a long list of unpleasant symptoms like a burning sensation during urination, pelvic pain, a persistent need to urinate, as well as with a great psychological discomfort. With PRP therapy, however, most patients can return to their normal daily routine in a short amount of time. A considerable improvement is observed after just a couple of PRP injection sessions and the diseases which can be successfully treated with this method include urethritis, cystitis, and infections in the urinary-genital system. Platelet-rich plasma can naturally reduce the urge to urinate and eliminate hematuria.

Plasma Fresh is the best type of PRP equipment professionals can use during urological treatment with platelet-rich plasma, because platelets are typically injected into the urethra or the bladder wall. Both areas are delicate and that is why there is no room for mistakes during the procedure. This German-made masterpiece of a Platelet-Rich Plasma kit enables urologists to work with a greater precision and saves the patient any discomfort or side effects.

Full PRP Extraction Kit

Buy a professional  Platelet-Rich Plasma extraction kit, now!

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