About Us

PRP Plasmolifting is a new online store that was founded in 2018. We are a licensed business that sells high-class medical devices and ground-breaking cosmetic products at incredibly budget-friendly prices. But, as the name of our company implies, we specialize in distributing remarkably innovative kits used for the extraction process of Platelet-Rich Plasma – a type of autologous conditioned plasma that has scientifically-proven healing and regenerating properties. The World Wide Web may be a big place but it is only here that you will find premium-quality PRP kits for Plasmolifting. And did we mention that we are the official wholesale distributor of Plasma Fresh – the best brand in this sphere?

The best PRP kits for Plasmolifting are here

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy may be a very straightforward procedure but without a reliable PRP kit, the extraction process will not be very effective. As a result, that may reduce the success rate of the entire treatment. That is why, we have made it our mission to make top-notch Platelet-Rich Plasma kits easily available to clients, including certified medical practitioners, from all over the world. No matter where you are, you can count on us to quickly deliver you specialized kits that are:

  • German-made
  • Fully licensed
  • Easy-to-use
  • Class-II medical devices

We take our time to trace the origin of all the products we offer which is why we only sell guaranteed quality that never fails to deliver exceptional results every single time. Items ordered via our online store are sent in their original boxes and have all the necessary markings.

We are Plasma Fresh’ official distributor and storefront

PRP Plasmolifting has been approved as an official distributor of the most dependable and advanced Plasmolifting kit producer – Plasma Fresh. Even since we have launched our e-store, we have been working in close partnership with this highly reputable brand. This and the fact that we are perfectionists who do not just work with anybody makes us the go-to option for people who are looking to buy safe and dependable skin rejuvenation products and medical devices. The professionally-trained experts on our team noticed that Plasma Fresh PRP kits for Plasmolifting have huge potential because:

  • They can be used for various PRP therapies (cosmetic rejuvenation, dentistry, hair loss restoration, gynecology, pain management, soft tissue injury treatment, neurological issues, etc.)
  • They are an all-in-one product as they can be applied during the platelet-rich plasma extraction process or during the injection stage of the treatment
  • They were manufactured in a controlled environment and in compliance with the highest health and quality standards
  • They contain anticoagulants and Thixotropic gel to boost the concentration of the extracted platelet-rich plasma

Affordability is what we do best

High quality usually comes at a high price but with PRP Plasmolifting you get the former without having to worry about the latter. We sell exceptional products at an exceptionally low price. No hidden fees and no VAT for VAT except customers – only pure quality and safe and trusted products.

If you want to learn more about us, the PRP kits we distribute or Plasmolifting as a new form of treatment, get in touch with us. Our polite staff will gladly help you.