Plasma Fresh PRP Kit


The Plasma Fresh PRP Kit is undoubtedly among the best products for Platelet-Rich Plasma extraction, available on the medical market today. This is a prime quality product made of the highest quality materials and implementing innovative medical technologies.

The Plasma Fresh kit is used for performing platelet-rich plasma therapy – an innovative and very effective form of treatment, which significantly boosts the natural regeneration of cells, can be used to treat acne scars, improve skin health, fight off inflammation and much more.

It is a simple process of extraction of vitamins and hormones from the body, and then injecting them in a condensed form to treat a specific spot.



The prime field of application of platelet-rich plasma therapy is treating of the patient’s face. This form of therapy is very versatile and can have an extensive range of application. Platelet Rich Plasma, extracted with the Plasma Fresh PRP Kit can be used to stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity and smoothness and can give very potent results is properly combined with skin laser treatment. The result is a notable boost in the natural regeneration of the skin cells.

This is an all in one set. The PRP kit contains an anti-coagulant (Sodium Citrate), that will not allow the platelets to aggregate, while the Thixotropic gel will enable to effectively separate the Supernatant. The tube is made of the highest quality of medical glass, while extraction is eased by the razor sharp and strong 23G needle. The entire PRP kit s pyrogen free.

This is a licensed in Germany medical product, with a Class II medical device classification. Plasma extracted with PRP kit is safe and appropriate for injection back into the patient’s body.